Highlights of 2012 TIANS Conference

National Tourism Panel Session,  Day 2 of the 2012 TIANS Conference, Halifax, NS


The 2012 Nova Scotia Tourism Summit ( TIANS Conference) was held recently in Halifax, Nov. 25-27,  attracting over 500 delegates. The conference featured keynotes speakers, sessions, marketplace, socials and much more.

The following were my highlights of the conference :   1) Minister of Economic, Rural Development and Tourism, the Honorable, Percy Paris announces  in 2012, Nova Scotia had 2 Billion in tourism revenues and 24, 000 jobs.  2) Patrick Sullivan, CEO, Nova Scotia Tourism Agency, wants Nova Scotia to become a leading Digital Marketer among Canada PMO within 5 years. 3)  Nova Scotia will spend more money advertising in Ontario and Quebec markets in 2013 and less regionally.  Other target markets include US – Mid Atlantic, New England and Europe – UK and Germany.  4) “There will be a focus on 1st time visitors who spend 42% more than returning visitors and twice as much on accommodations “, says Patrick Sullivan, CEO, NSTA,  5) NS Travel agency will focus on the Outdoor Enthusiast market , who spend more, stay longer and more likely to be first time visitors.

One of the quotes that caught everybody’s attention at the conference was by DeVerl Austin, Flanklin Covey, “We spend more time planning our vacation than we do our career. Other notable presentations included a) Gary Oster, US Travel Association and b) the panel session of National Tourism leaders CTC, USTA, TIAC, HAC, CTHRC  that provided some lively discussion on the current tourism issues and c) Developing a community event attraction strategy by Neal Alderson, Event Nova Scotia.