Importance of Mobile Friendly Websites in 2014

January 14, 2014 By Tom Wilson Mobile Marketing

Almost all the trends and expert opinions are saying how important it is to have a mobile friendly website in 2014 utilizing the responsive web design.  According to Forbes, 87% of connected devices in 2017 will be tablets and smartphones. It is important for websites managers to create content for mobile users to view. A number of  travel websites this past year are reporting 30% or more traffic from mobile devices.

In article recently by Arraecreative – 2014 Search Market Trends and Tips  ,  here are some interesting stats (US)  on mobile users:
1) 46% of shoppers report using their phone to research local products and services
2) 63% of mobile phone owners use their phones to access the internet
3) 56% of American adults own a smartphone
4) 77% of mobile searches take place at home or work
5) 91% American adults own a mobile phone

Infographic:2013 Mobile Growth Statistics ( Digital Buzz Blog) provides a number of interesting statistics. Here are just a few:
1) 80% of consumers plan to conduct mobile commerce in the next 12 months
2) 57% of users say that won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site
3) Not having a mobile optimized website is like closing your store one day each week.
4) 41% of people have used a mobile device to browse for a product after seeing in a show or advertisement.

Below is a short video (1.34)  on mobile phones and websites..