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October 2017 
1) Where social media has evolved and where it is headed  – Social Media Examiner
2) The Cost of Acquiring a Mobile App user – eMarketer
3) Spoiler Alert – Millennials Prefer Digital for all Communications – eMarketer 
4) Three Simple Keys to a Successful Video Strategy – Cheryl Tan, Copyblogger

September 2017
1) Google and Facebook Tighten Grip on US Digital ad market – eMarkete
2) Small businesses crowd Facebook and Twitter for Marketing – eMarketer
3) One Ridiculously Easy Way to Enhance the Power of your Blog Posts – Copywriter 
4)  26 Tips for Better Facebook Page Engagement – Social Media Examiner
How to use Facebook Audience Optimization for better Organic Exposure – Social Media Examiner



March 2017

1)   Share the NT  with the world of social media    – Northern Territory, Australia   
2)  HTTP vs HTTPS: Is your website on a secure connection ?
3) Browsers have changed. Has your website, What you need to know?  
4) 6 SEO Friendly Tips to Improve Site Speed on WordPress Blogs – CopyBlogger
5) Digital Poised to Overtake Traditional Media Ad Spending in Ireland – eMarketer
6) How to Analyze Your Instagram Marketing: 4 Metrics to Consider – Social Media Examiner

January/February 2017

Tourism Australia – Creating Content that Connects and Converts – Digital Tourism Think Tank
An insider look at how to work with influencers – Destination Think
eMarketer Releases Updated Estimates for US Digital Users
Facebook Rolls Out Major Video Updates: This Week in Social Media, Social media Examiner
How to Build Trust and Enhance Your Influence with Content Marketing, CopyBlogger
A Guide to Meaningful Content That Resonates – CopyBlogger


August 2016
eMarketer -Social Media Advertising and Marketing Trends Roundup
US Snapchat Users will increase by Double-Digit Percentages this year & next – eMarketer
Snapshot Stories vs Instagram stories : Which is best for your Content, Rachel Moore, SME
What is Content Marketing ? by Demian Farnworth ,Copyblogger
Can TripAdvisor turn things around?


July 2016

eMarketer – US Mobile Time Activities Stat Pack
How to Discover your Customers’ Favorite Social Media Platforms – Copyblogger
4 Ways to HumanizeYour Social Media Updates – Matt Secrist, Social Media Examiner
How to Improve Conversions on your hotel’s most important landing page ? Hotelmarketing

Email marketing is a Double Win for Customer Acquisition, Rentention – eMarketer
26 WordPress Plugins for Social Media Marketers, Ana Gator, Social Media Examiner
The Writer runs this Show (Slideshare), Brian Clark, Copyblogger


March 2016

TIANS : Laying the foundation for your online presence.
TIANS: How to make Viewers Your Customers
TIANS: Office of the Employee Advisor
Answering the Unknown Questions in Recruitment & Staff Development



January/February 2016

Plan to Succeed, Building Your Digital Plan, Failte Ireland (video)
Advance E-mail Marketing Techniques, Failte Ireland (video webinar)
3 Steps for adding video to your Social Media Marketing, Sarah Quinn, Social Media Examiner