Nova Scotia Tourism Statistics

Nova Scotia’s Tourism Statistics

1) Nova Scotia Key Tourism Indicators – provide a general overview of tourism activity in the province. Stats are compiled monthly and compared to the year before.

a) Nova Scotia Tourism Indicators – Jan. -November 2013
c) Key-Tourism-Indicators-Jan-Dec-2011-1
d) 2010tourism_indicators_final
e) Key Tourism Indicators 2009
f) KeyTourismIndicators2008
g) KeyTourismIndicators2007
h) KeyTourismIndicators2006
i) KeyTourismIndicators2005
j) KeyTourismIndicators2004

2) Visitation Statistics – Monthly Visitation by mode & origin
a) Jan.-Oct. 2013 Visitation Statistics
b) NSTA Visits by mode & origin Jan-Dec 2012
c) Visits2011-revised
d) Visits2010 revised
e) Visits by Origin 2009
f) VisitsbyOrigin2008

3) Visitor Profile Reports
a) 2010 Visitor Exit Survey
b) 2004 Visitor Exit Survey