Tourism Strategies : A Norm Now

                                            Photo credit – Carpathian Mountains, Eastern Europe, by Anastasia Petrova

 John Dunn, FLOOR13 company, indicated the next five years in the business of tourism will only vaguely resemble the previous twenty-five. In the past year, 2016, in Nova Scotia,  Tourism Nova Scotia experienced eight major changes.  This domino effect has touched Destination Cape Breton (DMO),  local visitor information centres, local tourism organizations, festivals and events organizations and municipalities.

Add the many global changes to our economy, it has made a tremendous impact to tourism.  For example, less hard copy guides are being printed and more digital tourism guides are being produced. The Doers and Dreamers Guide by Tourism Nova Scotia used to print 750,000 copies is now down to 240,000. The guide is smaller with less details and ads. As well it is no longer mailed out to Nova Scotia residents.

To prepare for all the changes, many tourism destination areas are developing tourism strategies, shorter in length, 3 years or less with annual reviews to update with tweaks and produce report cards.  In conclusion, “Welcome the Challenge of this uncertain Future”,  a quote from a movie – Korean Peninsula.